Multi-site venues will each have their own unique audience and will, therefore, all have differing marketing needs. Marketing that is targeted to each individual site is known as Localised Marketing.

Although each site will have a unique audience, you may want a uniformed marketing message sending to them all. This is known as Centralised Marketing.

Our Engage 365 platform can support both methods, as well as a combination of the two.

In venue capture for out of venue communication

Offering free WiFi attracts customers and keeps them in your venue for longer.

The Engage 365 platform automatically captures customers’ data so they can be kept informed of the latest offers, events and promotions your venue has.

Engage 365 aims to bring your venue to the front of your customers’ minds to encourage repeat visits and spending.


Restauranteurs have pride in the reputation of their venue and have to compete against a number of other venues to attract customers. The Engage 365 platform and marketing packages give you a competitive advantage; they help to attract (and retain) customers, increase revenue and maximise sales, all year round.

Engage 365 can market your venue 365 days a year, enabling you to concentrate on running your business.

Engage 365 can help attract new customers to your venue by using your existing customer base – your existing, loyal, patrons are the most likely to return to your venue, spend again and, in most cases, bring new customers with them. They will also advertise your venue through word-of-mouth.

Pubs, Bars and Style Bars

By using Engage 365 to offer exclusive promotions and events, all year round, you can differentiate your venue from the others in your area. This will help attract customers and increase revenue.

Your customers do not need to make a reservation; so how else will their details be captured in order to market to them?


Use Engage 365 to help encourage customers to visit your venue, during the quieter times, by offering exclusive promotions.

If you host monthly or quarterly events, Engage 365 can help inform your customers and increase the participant numbers. You could even use Engage 365 to share your favourite recipes or suppliers in order to create an affinity and warmth with your customers.