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My Club WiFi is your own data manager and marketing tool designed specifically for Sports Clubs


Automatically build a large, valuable and expanding customer database for your club to monetise with all your information held in one place.

  • Provide free WiFi access for your customers
  • Import your existing contacts to manage all your information in one place with web access from anywhere at anytime
  • Automatically capture your customer’s data
  • Build a valuable database for both you and your sponsors
  • Segment your database to send targeted information to members and visitors


Stay in touch with your customers effectively promoting what your club has to offer.

  • Simple to use marketing platform
  • Keep your venue top of mind by regularly communicating with your customers
  • Automated email campaigns for facilities hire so marketing is taking place continuously
  • Simple to use email templates allow you to quickly and easily create effective campaign for offers, events and newsletters.
  • Facebook sharing lets your customers promote for you on your behalf


Drive footfall, revenue and sales turning your club into a business. Maximise your revenue from memberships, facilities and sponsors.

  • Automated promotion of the club facilities driving bookings for functions and events
  • Offer additional advertising opportunities on your WiFi landing page
  • Email your customers with events and offers to drive footfall to your club
  • Easy to use email templates

To arrange a free web demonstration or to find out more please call 01642 635601 to speak to our team.