Capture and communicate to your customers, increasing revenue all year round. Providing a digital marketing service for your venue, creating an ever-growing, unique database by capturing your customers’ data upon login of your existing WiFi.

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Promotional Marketing

2 Promotional Emails

TripAdvisor Quarterly

Facebook Customer Boost

Advanced Marketing

Birthday Module 365

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2 x Promotional Emails

Your dedicated Marketing Manager will contact you at the beginning of the month to discuss your marketing content, which we send on your behalf.

We guarantee marketing for your venue – promoting specific events and promotions coinciding with national events.

Simply log in to your online portal to view your database, the success of each campaign and view feedback from your customers.


Soft Content

Who are you?  Tell your customers your story.  What is important to you?  Who supplies your food and drinks?  What is great about your customer service?  What facilities do you have?  Engage customers by sharing your recipes, hints and tips. We use subtle language and non-aggressive marketing techniques in order to:

  • Familiarise your audience with your brand, products and services
  • Educate customers why they should choose your products and services
  • Promote your employees, your team and your venue

Hard Content

To increase your short-term sales, we promote the things that are most important to you:

  • Direct Promotions for your upcoming events
  • Promotion of your Lunchtime, Evening and Weekend Menus
  • Advertise your special offers

TripAdvisor Quarterly

Send a feedback related email to your captured customers, in order to gain positive feedback (4-5*) direct to your TripAdvisor account.  Any ratings lower than this are handled discreetly, and will only be displayed internally.

TripAdvisor is based not only on Good 4-5 star reviews, but also the volume of reviews.  Encouraging customers to review your venue boosts your venue’s popularity, which in turn drives more custom. Customer feedback in general is good for any business, even if they do not have a TripAdvisor account.

Requesting feedback is a form of soft marketing, showing that you (the venue) care.

Facebook Customer Boost

Offer an exclusive reward, promotion or voucher to encourage your customers to ‘Like’ your venue on Facebook for the chance of winning.

Our automated system randomly selects a winner on the closing date, offering them the unique promotion or reward.



Your customers are important – we offer Advanced Marketing Solutions designed to encourage repeat business, reward loyalty and invigorate your Lapsed Customers. We maximise your returns from your existing customer base.

Birthday Module 365

Engage your customer base 365 days a year by sending an email on the run up to your patron’s birthday, offering an exclusive gift to use in your venue.

A second email is sent on their actual birthday, reminding them to use their exclusive gift if they haven’t already done so, while subconsciously reinforcing your brand name, image and values.

A ‘time bomb’ system is activated upon redemption, allowing the gift to only be redeemed once.

Birthday Celebrations
Welcome TripAdvisor 365

Welcome TripAdvisor 365

Smart WiFi allows you to target your customers upon initial login of your WiFi, 365 days a year.

A feedback related email is sent to your customers the day after their initial visit, directing positive 4-5* feedback straight to your TripAdvisor account.

Any ratings lower than this are handled discreetly, and will only be displayed internally.

We Miss You, Thank You

Engage your frequent, infrequent and lapsed customers all year around.

Encourage infrequent customers to visit your venue by offering an exclusive voucher, or simply send them a message reinforcing your brand image and values.

Reward your frequent (loyal) customers with an exclusive voucher, or simply send them a message reinforcing why they are important to you.

Welcome Back Thank You